The Life Drama Project makes use of applied theatre & performance techniques to promote sexual health & wellbeing in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Northern Australia.

Pacific Centre for Applied Performance

4.1 Pacific Centre for Applied Performance

A major outcome of the Life Drama project is the establishment of the Pacific Centre for Applied Performance.

This Centre has now been established, with a refurbished and newly-equipped office on the grounds of the University of Papua New Guinea. The University has also offered the use of a nearby workshop space, the refurbishment of which will require additional funding.

PCAP employs a Research and Administrative Assistant. It is envisioned that a Co-ordinator position will be established as part of longer-term sustainability of the Life Drama initiative.

PCAP has the potential to:

  • provide a communication and co-ordination hub for Life Drama trainers, and other applied theatre and performance workers, in PNG and throughout the Pacific
  • provide a workshop space for Life Drama training and other applied theatre and performance training
  • provide a training venue and working base for Life Drama lead trainers to deliver Life Drama training throughout PNG
  • host conferences and seminars that bring together professionals working in applied theatre and performance for social innovation
  • collect and make available IEC materials and other resources which support the social innovation aims of Life Drama and other forms of applied theatre and performance
  • maintain the Life Drama website as a resource for trainers, scholars and researchers