The Life Drama Project makes use of applied theatre & performance techniques to promote sexual health & wellbeing in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Northern Australia.

Life Drama Website

4.2 Life Drama Website

Designed by Zero Hour in consultation with the Life Drama team, this website provides information on the Life Drama project in various forms including text, images and video clips. The website is designed to meet three major needs:

  • act as a communication tool, providing information about the Life Drama project for researchers, scholars, participants, potential partners, and the general public
  • act as a monitoring and evaluation tool for funders, partners, and others seeking to evaluate the Life Drama project holistically and comprehensively. The site is structured using Daniel Stufflebeam's evaluation framework of "Context, Inputs, Processes, and Products", and provides quantitative, qualitative and performative data as advocated by Professor Brad Haseman
  • act as a "one stop shop" for other practitioners working in the area of applied theatre and performance and/or the area of HIV education, particularly in PNG and the Pacific. The website provides links to a number of sites and resources, which the team will strive to continually update