The Life Drama Project makes use of applied theatre & performance techniques to promote sexual health & wellbeing in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Northern Australia.

Current Phase

2.6 Current Phase

Development of the Life Drama program is now complete. The next task for the team is to trial models of dissemination. Two models are being considered:

  • School-based dissemination. In this model, Life Drama Lead Trainers will train teacher educators at the University of Goroka and teachers training colleges. Teacher educators in turn will train student teachers, who in time will enter primary schools and secondary schools, and put their Life Drama skills to use within the Personal Development curriculum

  • Community-based dissemination. This model is expected to work best as part of an integrated Community Public Health approach. Life Drama Lead Trainers will train community leaders who work with defined client groups (eg. youth groups, women’s groups, church groups, and so on), as in the Tari and Karkar Island pilots. These community leaders will then use their Life Drama skills to run experiential learning activities with their client groups.

The current phase of the project is one of collating and reporting the findings from the pilot sites, and seeking higher-level in-country support for trials of these dissemination models.